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Pigeons are a huge nuisance, and, unfortunately, they may take a liking to your Houston channel letter signs.

Houston is no stranger to pigeons and other pest birds, so you’ll need some strategies to keep birds off your Houston channel letter signs. Channel letters with nests and bird feces on them make your business look bad. In addition, bird droppings can corrode your sign components and can even make your customers and staff sick. Maintenance for your Houston channel letter signs can quickly become difficult once birds decide to flock to your sign. Therefore, be sure you’re protecting your signage from birds.

Why Do Birds Like Houston Channel Letter Signs so Much?

We love the look of Houston channel letter signs. However, they do offer some advantages that many birds simply can’t pass up. Birds perch to rest, sleep, feed, and clean themselves. However, what draws them to your Houston lighted signs for these activities? The main advantage is the great visibility they get. From the top of a channel letter, birds can easily see predators and food. This makes it a great area to sit.

Additionally, the nooks and crannies in Houston channel letter signs are great hiding spots from predators. Birds can easily conceal themselves in the curves and tight spots of your channel letters. This offers them a place to sleep worry-free about predators. Also, that’s why you may find nests built inside your signs, as birds also try to hide their young from predators as well. However, while this is all understandable from the bird’s perspective, it can be a nuisance for business owners. Therefore, you may need bird deterrents for your channel letters.

Solutions for Keeping Birds Away from your Houston Channel Letter Signs

Now that you know why birds might want to perch or nest on your Houston channel letter signs, you’ll need to find ways to prevent them from hanging out on your signage all day and night. There are many different options you may choose from for your Houston custom signs.

Fake Predators Near Your Houston Channel Letter Signs

Similar to the idea behind a scarecrow, you can place fake predators near your signs. This discourages birds from sitting on your Houston lighted signs. For example, owl figurines are generally quite effective for most types of birds, as they are predators for many other types of birds. Seeing one of these will generally help birds keep a far distance from your signs.

However, it’s best to pair these figurines with some sort of motion system. This makes the false predator move or turn. Otherwise, the birds might wise up and realize that your deterrent isn’t trying to eat them. The average pigeon will eventually figure out that your owl is fake, making it ineffective. Therefore, pair it with other bird control measure for your signs.

Bird Gel

Bird gel is a clear, sticky substance that you can coat your signs with. Birds don’t like how the gel feels, which usually makes them find a different area to perch. Somewhat like walking on a movie theater floor, the birds’ feet stick to the gel and they must tug to take each step. It’s about as sticky as the glue on the back of sticky notes, so it doesn’t harm the birds, just irritates them enough to find a new spot.

However, gels do collect dirt, which means you’ll need to clean your sign frequently and reapply, or else your channel letters will start to look dirty and unmaintained. In addition, it generally only works on larger birds like pigeons and grackles. Therefore, if your channel letters are being invaded by smaller birds like woodpeckers, sparrows, and other species, you may need to find a different solution for keeping your signs bird-free.

Deterring Birds with Sound

In addition, there are several products on the market that may help you control birds around your Houston channel letter signs. Sonic deterrents use sounds that naturally make birds want to fly in the other direction. For example, predatory bird calls or distress calls of other birds. In nature, these sounds signal that something is dangerous in the area, so birds try to stay away. However, these devices are also audible to humans, which may become an annoyance to customers and staff.

Another option you might see are ultrasonic bird repellents. These emit high frequency sounds that are undetectable to the human ear. These super high sounds are supposed to irritate birds and make them avoid the area. In addition, many also allow you to adjust the frequency to deter other pests like bats and rodents. However, there are some skeptics out there about how effective these devices are.

Physical Deterrents

Additionally, there are several physical deterrents that may help stop feathered friends from sitting on top of your business signs. These products are supposed to make it uncomfortable or impossible for birds to land or perch on your signs. These solutions are often low maintenance and safe. One example is a bird coil. These are often placed around ledges of buildings. They’re shaped like springs and move when birds try to land on them.

Bird spikes are also another option you might try on your signs. While these products are called spikes, they aren’t actually sharp. Most feature a blunt end and are great for long-term bird deterrence. Similar to coils, spikes make it nearly impossible to land on your Houston channel letter signs. You can generally choose between metal and plastic for your spikes and you can install them virtually anywhere. However, once again, they may not be as effective against smaller bird species.

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