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Houston channel letter signs with script letters and simple logo
Houston channel letter signs can be completely customized to appeal to your Gen Z target market.

When creating Houston channel letter signs for your business, you have to consider who you’re advertising to. If you’re marketing to younger people, then it may be time to think about how to advertise to Gen Z. Gen Z includes anyone born after 1995. Older members of Gen Z are graduating college and entering the workforce. Now may be the time to grab their attention and turn them into lifetime customers for your business. While Gen Z shares some similarities with Millennials, there are some key differences that may affect your company’s signage design. 

Why Houston Channel Letter Signs are Ideal for Gen Z Advertising

Here’s the good news: Houston channel letter signs are often great for advertising your business to Gen Z. These signs are easy to read, effective at communication, and also offer plenty of customizability for your business. 

Simple and Direct Communication

Gen Z is used to a lot of “noise” from advertisers, both online and in their physical environments. They are so used to loud, over the top marketing that many of these consumers can just tune it all out. What Gen Z is really looking for is authenticity and clear communication. Channel letter Houston custom signs are great for this. These signs put all the focus on your name and logo, so as long as those things explain who you are and what you do, Gen Z is more likely to take note. 

Room for Creativity with Houston Channel Letter Signs

Another reason why channel letter signs may attract older Gen Z-ers is because they can be incredibly unique and creative. Another way you can cut through the noise of other advertisers is to offer signs that are original and noteworthy. With Houston channel letter signs, you can tweak practically every design element. It goes beyond choosing a color scheme. You choose the font, the colors, the lighting options, lighting colors, and background colors. Channel letters today can even be equipped with special LED lights to look like vintage neon signs to give that fun, nostalgic feel. You have total autonomy to create a completely distinct sign for your business, which Zoomers will appreciate. 

Using Generational Differences to Design Houston Custom Signs

You might be wondering why there’s all this talk about marketing to Gen Z. Research suggests there are generational differences in how people perceive advertisements, including signage. For example, one study from FedEx in 2014  found significant differences among Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers when surveyed about business signage design and content. The oldest members of Gen Z were just barely coming of age when the study was published, so it didn’t address the Zoomers. However, the study does illustrate how people of different generations view business signage. 

Different generations have different preferences around everything from color schemes and fonts to content and brand identity. Therefore, it’s important to sit down and consider who your target market is. Some businesses may want to advertise primarily to Baby Boomers while others need to focus on Generation Z. Once you’ve identified your target, you can research which design elements work best for that generation and use them in your Houston channel letter signs. 

What to Know About Gen Z When Designing Houston Channel Letter Signs

If your ideal customer is part of Gen Z, then you need signs that fit that generational aesthetic. Keep in mind that Gen Z is one of the most diverse generations, so there won’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to signage. Above all, this generation craves authenticity in advertising and marketing, so keep this in mind when designing your Houston channel letter signs. We also have a few other tips to help you as you consider the best way to create signs for Gen Z. 

They Have Shorter, More Selective Attention Spans

Another thing to keep in mind is that you only have an average of eight seconds to grab the attention of Gen Z-ers. This attention span is even shorter than the 12 seconds you typically get from Millennials. However, before you think that Gen Z just has trouble paying attention to anything, it turns out that they are just more selective. While you only have eight seconds to capture attention, if you do grab their eye they are more likely to give you their undivided attention. So, it’s important to stand out, but don’t use gimmicks to draw the eye. Instead, grab their attention by using well-designed business signs. 

Use Color Wisely in Your Houston Channel Letter Signs

Color is a pretty big deal when you’re designing business signs. If you’re creating Houston custom signs to appeal to Gen Z, color is key. They are similar to Millennials in that they tend to like a “less is more” approach to color schemes. Using one or two colors is typically better. They don’t shy away from bright, bold colors, but also enjoy more muted hues. If you have a fun brand identity, you might go for Gen Z Yellow and other fun colors. If your brand is more serious, you might go for softer colors like olive greens or blush pinks. 

Fonts Convey Your Brand’s Feel

Fonts are also important when designing your Houston channel letter signs. There are countless fonts to choose from for your signs. Once again, they should be tailored to your company. However, keep in mind the mood or energy you want to convey. For instance, serif fonts often feel warmer and homier. While they are more difficult to read at a distance, they may work better for your company’s signs. By contrast, sans serif fonts are easier to read and more common for signs and logos today and give more of a clean, minimalistic feel. 

Showcase Your Company’s Uniqueness through Houston Channel Letter Signs

It’s also important to show how your company is different through your Houston custom signs. Remember, Gen Z is looking for brands that are original and authentic. Your signage is one of the few opportunities you have to communicate who you are to customers. Therefore, it’s important to play not only with color and font, but also other design elements like lighting and placement. Another great way to showcase your uniqueness is to include a logo in your signs that really drives home your company’s originality.

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