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healthcare signsThe font and style used for your Houston custom signs can have a significant impact on its readability and on the impression it makes on your potential customers. Making sure that your signs are as clear and readable as possible can ensure that you get your fair share of attention from consumers in your area. Here are some key points to keep in mind when choosing the style for your exterior and interior signs.

Understanding Typography

The art and science of creating visually appealing and highly readable printed materials is known as typography. The capitalization of letters is one of the key elements of this discipline. Using all capital letters, title case capitalization or a nonstandard form of capitalization may seem like a good idea when designing your sign. These choices, however, may have a negative effect on the readability of your indoor and outdoor signs, especially at a distance.

The Effect of All-Cap Signs

Opting to design your Houston channel letter signs and other signage solutions with letters in all caps can actually reduce the ability of your target audience to read your signs. This happens because of the way people perceive and read letters in words.

  • Most people do not read every letter in a word. Instead, they recognize words at a glance because of the shape and size of the letters contained in those words.
  • Capital letters are generally designed to be uniform in shape and to fill up the same space on a line. This can make it much more difficult to recognize words quickly by their general shape.
  • By using title case and capitalizing only for the first letter of each word, you can preserve its shape to provide enhanced visual cues for readers. This can result in faster recognition and improved identification of your signs from a distance.

Most typography experts recommend using title case or lowercase lettering for your signs. Avoiding all caps can significantly boost the readability of your Houston custom signs and can ensure the greatest visibility and name recognition for your Houston business. This can help you to stand out from the crowd and to make the most positive impact with your indoor and outdoor signage.

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